Management System GRC Compliance Tool

Our Security highlights

Security of the data

  • We put a strong focus on GDPR-compliance. One aspect is the storage of your data. Your data is stored within Germany and stays there.
  • All data is seperated between different tentants.
  • Your data is encrypted. No one of our team is able to see the content of your data.
  • Regular backup of data ensure that data is not lost in case of a technical failure or other incident
  • The infrastructure is highly scalable which means that the availability is ensured
  • The data centers have an ISO 27001, SOC2, ISO 27017 & ISO 27018 certification.

Security of the application

  • Our application is based on a secure framework ensuring consistancy and security within the architecture
  • Our application development team executes intensive testing which includes security testing
  • Information is always transfered in an encrypted format
  • All payments is realized using established payment providers with secure APIs

Security of the processes

  • Our team is working based on an agile approach which include constant releasing of features
  • The team includes multiple skilled people with appropriate training
  • Security Incidents are handled appropriately
  • 7 days reaction time ensure a quick solution if problems occur
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