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Packages and onboarding service

Check out our flexible pricing plans. The packages are designed to help as best with the compliance tools needed for your organization. You can later choose to add extras including standardised controls from different sources including ISO 27001:2022, data protection and alike.

You can choose between yearly and monthly subscriptions and choose the package after free registration. If you have any queries regarding the pricing menu please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

What is onboarding service?

Every customer receives a short introduction to under-controls after registration. This is a voluntary introduction and is implemented flexibly for you with a calendar-based booking. The objectives of the introduction are as follows:

  • A short introduction to under-controls and its functions
  • An assistance for the first steps in the app
  • Helpful tips and hints for the first use


with mandatory onboarding service




each month


Dashboard Shows a complete overview and provides a complete evaluation of objectives and KPIs.
My To-Do-lists Gives you an overview of tasks, sends reminders and ensures scheduling.
Managing objectives Define the objectives of the management system and link them to key performance indicators.
Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs) You can create KPIs for the management system and link them to objectives.
Report generation Summarize results and status in reports.
Managing requirements Keep track of all requirements and their statuses.
Analyse requirements function Get an overview of the actual status of requirements fulfillment.
Stakeholder management Manage your different stakeholders.
Process management Map your processes and derive requirements from them.
Process analysis Analyze your processes.
Asset management Manage assets and use the inventory function.
Risk management Analyze and address risks and opportunities, including those related to information security.
Vulnerability management Manage vulnerabilities and link them to risk analysis.
Measurement management Organize all actions in the management system based on one central action list.
Policies Organize all policies; manage your documented information.
Training & Awareness management Keep track of company-wide training activities.
Incident management Keep a central record of all incidents and analyze their consequences.
Emergency plan management Manage your contingency plans for crisis situations.
Supplier management Coordinate the supplier process in a central location.
Supplier audit management Conduct supplier audits and ensure supplier management process requirements are met.
Supplier questionnaires Send questionnaires to your suppliers and store the answers in an audit-proof manner.
Compliance management Keep track of legal, regulatory and contractual issues and derive requirements.
Human Resources Manage the onboarding and offboarding process for employees.
Access management Manage access to IT systems. Keep track of access- and entry controls.
Management review Protocol meetings and present management system results.
Audit management Manage internal and external audits and their results.
Audit analysis Analyze audit maturity and get an overview of compliance levels.
Management system analysis feature Analyze the status of requirements fulfillment of the management system.
Protocol manangement Manage all your protocols.
File management under-controls offers you a document repository with versioning capability.
Increase space for file storage Increase the storage space for your internal documents by package based purchases
Advanced view customization Extend the presentation and customize under-controls.
2-factor authentication Secure your credentials with 2-factor authentication.
Imports and exports Import and export relevant data to be used in other systems.
Consulting and internal audit service We offer advice on individual issues in the regular consultation meetings every month. We offer you an internal audit once a year. We analyze the state of your management system based on your chosen standard.
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Extra with calendar choice directly 2 h per month / and internal audit service
Penetration Test We perform a security check of your IT systems. one per year
Access to exchange forum Access to our exchange forum. Here you can exchange information with each other and with our team of experts at any time.
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Import standards and controls With the import function you import common standards without additional effort.
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Extra One standard by choice included (e.g. ISO 27001)
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