Management System GRC Compliance Tool

Consulting services

With our consulting service, our experts provide you with the help you need. Talk to one of our experts by booking the consulting service. We’ll arrange a consultation hour with you and your team to help you with your problems. With the consulting service you get:
  • A free consulting hour with one of our experts for the selected management system.
  • A regular consulting support and coaching based on
  • your individual needs and
  • by an expert in the field
  • Flexibility in terms of intensity with additional consulting hours that can be booked

Internal Audits

Our certified auditors can audit your management systems.

What you will get:

  • We will arrange a call and plan the audit with you.
  • The audit will be conducted and improve your management system and/or prepare you for your external certification.
  • You will get an audit plan based on your audit program and an (internal) audit report which fulfills requirements for an external certification.
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