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  • Cyber-attack is not a new term in the data-led industry. Companies are suffering from cyber-attacks and data security violations. Information managers are leaving no stone unturned to provide desired security and assurance to their data. Cyber Insurance is the new buzzword in the Information Security business. Approximately 70% of the information-led industries opt to secure their data through a third-party cyber insurance company. Industry people who are concerned about the reputation of their company, business
  • Data breaching is a serious threat to every field of business. Security is the topmost concern for organizations. Every organization has its confidential data constantly on the stake of stealth and manipulation. This problem calls for a solid security audit system that shields your data against countless threats. A security audit is an advanced-level description of how organizations can assess their overall security position, encompassing cyber-security. There are various security audits like versions of ISO,
  • Over the last few decades, organizations have increasingly looked up to outsourcing as a way of cutting back on costs and improving efficiencies. There’s a significant increase in software outsourcing as services and other cloud-based technologies have skyrocketed over the past few years. This escalation in designating has also given a push to the need for auditor reports at service organizations to adequately ensure that the service providers have internal controls in place over the
  • A new generation of business opportunities has been created by artificial intelligence (AI). Through automation and the enhancement of human intelligence, organizations have been able to: Transform Operations Adopt New Business Models Predict Cyber-Attacks Understand Customer Behavior This capability helps you and your team to prepare for challenges and opportunities before they happen and adapt the associated operations to meet the same. Unfortunately, AI has also empowered cybercriminals. Taking advantage of sophisticated and intelligent technological

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